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National Bank Financial Brochures
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Your Financial
Planning starts with understanding what you want to achieve. This document is designed to help you articulate your goals.
Your Personal
Some thoughts on organizing your personal information and a tool to help you do that.
Savings is Where
Wealth Begins
A look at the hows and whys of saving for your future.
A straight forward examination of the considerations and tools available to build the retirement you desire.
Power of Attorney for Property
A common sense approach to powers of attorney for property.
There's a lot more to charitable giving than just writing a cheque. Here are some ways to make your giving more effective.
National Bank Financial has produced informative brochures on a wide range of subjects. We have broken them down into four main categories. Please click on the buttons below to see the list of brochures available in each category.
A look at the important considerations when drawing up your will and how you want your assets dealt with.
Some tools to assist you with your estate planning process.
Estate Planning Worksheet
Joint Accounts With Right of Survivorship
How to Choose 
Your Executor
The pros and cons of using joint accounts with right of survivorship as an estate planning tool.
There are many things to consider when selecting an executor.
I am an 
To Probate or 
Not to Probate
An examination of the duties and responsibilities of an  executor.
A look at the benefits, costs and necessity of probating a will.
Managing Assets 
in a Trust
Planning for a Child With Special Needs
An examination of the role and duties of the Trustee of a Trust, including an Estate.
There are a number of things to consider when providing for a child with special needs.