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​ Our Services

We provide a wide range of wealth management, planning, investing, insurance and administrative services designed to make managing, retaining, spending and passing along your money a comfortable, understandable and convenient process.

Our mission is to guide you and your family through every major financial event in your life, whether planned or unexpected. By understanding your situation and evolving needs, we can help you plan for success, however you may define it. We can apply a clearly defined, co-ordinated savings, spending and investment strategy across the entire scope of your finances, improving your tax-efficiency and cash management.

Through the various links to the left of this page you can learn more about all that Wealth Management involves, gain insights into our Our Philosophy and understand how Our Process works. We encourage you to read through this material.

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Portfolio Administration

To help facilitate the application of a clearly defined co-ordinated savings, investment and tax-efficiency strategy across all your investments we provide complete portfolio administration services. Under one organizational umbrella we can hold all your securities. This will result in most investment income reported on a single T5 and T3 slip for tax purposes for all your investment income (Canada Savings Bonds, Limited Partnerships and Mutual Funds do report separately). The need for you to store and retrieve certificates is eliminated. All of your transactions and holdings are summarized on your monthly statement. You can also view your account information online. Additionally, we provide annual summaries of investment income and capital gains and a projected income report.  

Joint Account With Right of Survivorship

Ontario’s Probate Fee structure has made the use of joint accounts with right of survivorship very attractive. By holding investments in an account registered jointly (with right of survivorship) between you and your beneficiary the transition upon death becomes simple, quick and inexpensive. This arrangement works best when it involves only yourself and one other individual. This type of account also allows, when appropriate, one party to the account to act on behalf of the other(s) in case of disability.

Income Tax Preparation

The times, they are a-changin’! When it comes to taxation it has been that way since Income Tax was introduced in 1917 as a temporary measure to pay for World War I. It is part of our job to keep on top of the changes. We produce a series of Taxing Times newsletters on the covering taxation issues for investors. We believe preparing one's own tax returns is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your own financial situation. Nonetheless we recognize that, as much as we embrace taxation matters, it is not as absorbing a topic for everyone. Should you so require, we would be pleased to recommend a taxpreparer or accountant.

Bill Payment and Income Tax Remittances

Should you require us to do so we can arrange for the payment of your bills (utilities, medical etc.) from your account. We can make income tax installment payments on your behalf and manage withholding tax from your RRIF withdrawals.