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​ Our Services

We provide a wide range of wealth management, planning, investing, insurance and administrative services designed to make managing, retaining, spending and passing along your money a comfortable, understandable and convenient process.

Our mission is to guide you and your family through every major financial event in your life, whether planned or unexpected. By understanding your situation and evolving needs, we can help you plan for success, however you may define it. We can apply a clearly defined, co-ordinated savings, spending and investment strategy across the entire scope of your finances, improving your tax-efficiency and cash management.

Through the various links to the left of this page you can learn more about all that Wealth Management involves, gain insights into our Our Philosophy and understand how Our Process works. We encourage you to read through this material.

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Investment Advice

One of the most important services we provide is investment advice. While this obviously centres around what investments should comprise your investment portfolio, equally it concerns itself with what investments you should not own. In the course of our discussion with you we ascertain you unique needs, objectives and risk tolerances. This leads to the establishment of an Investment Policy Statement that sets out the types of investments that should be in your portfolio and what exposure ranges are appropriate. Using that as our guiding map, we recommend what we consider to be the most attractive and timely securities available. We continuously monitor economic and market developments to determine whether existing holdings should be retained or replaced. Your portfolio is reviewed to ensure proper diversification is maintained and that exposure levels to individual investments and asset classes remain within desired parameters. We recommend adjustments to levels of exposure to different asset classes as market developments or changes to your circumstances dictate. We also suggest specific security changes where warranted.

In order to ensure that our advice remains relevant, we encourage you to keep us abreast of changes in your circumstances or objectives that occur between our regular reviews of these subjects.

Legal and Real Estate Services Referrals

You probably know a good lawyer or real estate agent, but if you don’t, we can recommend one.