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​ Our Services

We provide a wide range of wealth management, planning, investing, insurance and administrative services designed to make managing, retaining, spending and passing along your money a comfortable, understandable and convenient process.

Our mission is to guide you and your family through every major financial event in your life, whether planned or unexpected. By understanding your situation and evolving needs, we can help you plan for success, however you may define it. We can apply a clearly defined, co-ordinated savings, spending and investment strategy across the entire scope of your finances, improving your tax-efficiency and cash management.

Through the various links to the left of this page you can learn more about all that Wealth Management involves, gain insights into our Our Philosophy and understand how Our Process works. We encourage you to read through this material.

Through the links below you can discover the features of the specific products and services that we can put to work for you.
Chequing at Money Market Rates

We can offer you chequing privileges, online banking, a debit card and ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) access to your account, all with high money-market daily interest rates via our Full Access ServiceAs this is integrated into your investment account, all banking transactions are recorded on a section of your monthly investment statement. A Credit Card with an attractive points and rewards system is also available.

Mortgages, RRSP Loans and Investment Loans

Need a loan to make your RRSP contribution before the March 1st deadline? Want to borrow to invest? Buying or refinancing a home? We can assist you in getting the best possible rate and give you some guidance in how best to structure the loan. We can refer you to a mortgage specialist who will shop the market to get you the best rate and terms.