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Wealth Management
Wealth Management is a comprehensive advisory discipline encompassing a variety of planning exercises, investment portfolio management and insurance considerations. It requires a careful examination and understanding of a client's personal and financial situation, short-, medium- and long-term life objectives and financial comfort zones. Our wealth management service encompasses and aims to optimize all of the following, tailored to the unique circumstances of you and your family. Click on any of the topics below to learn more on those subjects.
Portfolio Management

The central aspect of wealth management is the disciplined management of a carefully diversified investment portfolio. We can tailor a portfolio that responds to your unique needs, objectives and risk tolerances. Our portfolio management process starts with the Investment Policy Statement from your investment plan. This sets out the types of investments that should be in your portfolio and what exposure ranges are appropriate. Using that as our guiding map, we recommend what we consider to be the most attractive and timely securities available. We continuously monitor economic and market developments to determine whether existing holdings should be retained or replaced. Your portfolio is reviewed to ensure proper diversification is maintained and that exposure levels to individual investments and asset classes remain within desired parameters. We recommend adjustments to levels of exposure to different asset classes as changes to your circumstances or market developments dictate. We also suggest specific security changes where warranted.