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Wealth Management
Wealth Management is a comprehensive advisory discipline encompassing a variety of planning exercises, investment portfolio management and insurance considerations. It requires a careful examination and understanding of a client's personal and financial situation, short-, medium- and long-term life objectives and financial comfort zones. Our wealth management service encompasses and aims to optimize all of the following, tailored to the unique circumstances of you and your family. Click on any of the topics below to learn more on those subjects.
Succession Planning

Dealing with the transition of wealth from your parents to you or from you to your children is an important and potentially emotionally difficult undertaking. Having a well structured and clearly worded will, a tax-efficient transition mechanism and a constructive dialogue about these issues with all involved are all key elements in ensuring a smooth inter-generational transition. Effective use of beneficiary designations on registered plans and possibly the use of Joint with Right of Survivorship accounts for non-registered investments can be very effective succession planning tools for many people. In more complicated situations, the use of Inter Vivos Trusts and Alter Ego Trusts and Testamentary Trusts may be considered. Our experience in these matters and our resources can be put to use to help you have an effective and efficient transition.