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These newsletters feature thoughts on how the tax system affects you and how to make it work for you.  Please click on the Taxing Times logo below to read the issue of your choice.
2010 Jul - CPP Changes and Retirement Income Strategies.
2010 Jun - Facts About the HST.
2011 May - Opportunities and Challenges in Managing Your Level of Retirement Income for Income Tax Purposes.
2011 Oct - Your Charitable Giving Fund.
2012 Jul - What's New in Taxation for 2012.
2013 Mar - Ten Things to Consider When Preparing Your Tax Return.
2017 Mar- What's New on Your 2016 Tax Return.
2014 Mar - Tax Changes in the 2014 Federal Budget.
2014 Aug - Income Splitting Techniques.
2014 Nov - Deadline Strategies.
2014 Dec - "Income Splitting" for Families with Children.
2015 Apr - Tax Changes in the 2015 Federal Budget.
2016 Jul - Tax Changes in the 2016 Federal Budget.
2016 Sep - Tax Efficient lnvesting.