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In addition to everything that you see us doing, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. We engage in upgrading our skills constantly through various continuing education courses. We conduct interviews with fund managers and business leaders to keep on top of the ever-changing investment and business environment. We continuously review economic, investment, tax and security-specific research and track innovations in the investment world in order to identify attractive investment vehicles as well as those that may be losing their lustre. This results in the ongoing review of the securities you hold and your portfolio as a whole. When changes are warranted or required to your portfolio, we let you know. We also periodically keep you apprised of items of interest on the fronts of investing, insurance, economics, taxation and consumer issues via our newsletters.

Wealth Management is an ongoing process that requires regular dialogue. We encourage you to keep us abreast of changes in your circumstances or objectives. We also advocate an annual meeting to review objectives, needs and your investment portfolio, including our exclusive Big Picture Report.

Wealth Management,

 Planning and

Investing are

 ongoing processes.