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​The calculators on this page can be useful tools for making computations about retirement and investment planning as well as debt management decisions.  Just click on the icon on the left side to open the calculator of your choice.
Retirement Planning Calculators
RRSP Calculator – Determine your retirement income and what contributions you need to make.
RRSP Illustrator – Examine the advantages of RRSP investing.
Registered vs. Non-Registered Calculator – See how much faster your money grows in an RRSP.
RRIF Illustrator – See what your RRIF withdrawals could be.
The Longevity Game – A light-hearted approach to illustrating your potential life expectancy.
Investment Planning Calculators
Regular Investment Calculator – See how regular investment can amass a small (or large) fortune.
Regular Withdrawal Calculator – See how long your money may last once you begin depleting your investments.
Starting Early Calculator – See how starting to invest early can make your portfolio grow faster.
RESP Calculator – Develop an effective savings plan to make your children's future education goals a reality.
Household Cash Flow Calculator – A quick budgeting tool.
Net Worth Statement – A quick summary of your assets and liabilities.
Debt Management Calculators
Credit Card Payment Calculator – Discover the benefits of accelerating your credit card payments.
Debt Consolidation Calculator – See how much you can save by refinancing your high interest debt.
Mortgage Qualifier Calculator – Discover how much of a mortgage you can afford.
Mortgage Amortization Scheduler – Calculate the effects of different rates, amortization periods and payment frequencies have on your mortgage.